The Role of the Family in the Future

Families are at the center of communities. But for the past few decades we have been experiencing a shift in the geography of those communities. Divorces and remarriages, children migrating to other cities for work, children born out of wedlock. Children are left to navigate the world in single-parent households and blended families. Cheers to those parents making it work in these situations. The dynamic isn’t easy. Courageous parents are doing the best they can. But technology isn’t helping. Oftentimes it brings out the worst in our children. And busy parents have less time to monitor every activity.

I’m encouraged by studies that say the majority of parents want a safer environment for their children online. But discouraged by the lack of action in our governmental institutions and big corporate America’s efforts to help out. More can be done.

For years I have been working on technological solutions that give control back to parents. Too often, we have little say in where our kids go on the Internet. We wouldn’t let a twelve-year-old drive to a bad part of town to watch a movie, and yet content inappropriate for them is being shared in the hallways of their schools. We would never let a stranger collect personal information from our children, yet this same information is shared with millions through social media. 

We have to do more for families, more to protect children from the bad online, but also more to connect families that are now more far-flung than ever. Imagine those blended families having a healthy relationship with step-siblings even if they live in different towns. Imagine their conversations being private, their sensitive data secure. Imagine your own family sharing and caring on social platforms that are not designed to collect your data.

I see a world where families are free to connect in ways never before possible. To know their ancestors and share stories. To work together on making communities better, supporting projects around the world without fear of losing money to corruption. I see a future where families are closer, regardless of the distance. 

Yes, the world is an uncertain and often scary place. But we can help families maintain their central role in bringing stability, emotional support, economic help, and plenty of love and kindness to make communities strong. It starts by controlling your digital life as well as your physical life. We now have the technology. Help us get the word out by recommending to your friends.