Own Yourself. Protect Who You Are

We’re not talking about being responsible for your actions, although that is a good thing. 

Think about all the bits of yourself that are out there: online, in legal documents, on your drivers’ license. Credit reports, Facebook friends, shopping habits. Hospital records. That’s a big one. How many hospitals and doctors have you seen in your lifetime? How many car loans? Credit card applications?

All of this data is out there, somewhere, out of your control.

Now think about all that same data on your kids—OK, minus the credit cards and car loans if they’re too young. Still, there are online conversations, connections, purchases. And offline there are Social Security cards, birth certificates, club registrations, school records.

Who has access to all this?

Who controls it?

As parents, our job is to provide, protect, and to love. Taking control of our individual personal data is the start. Protecting our childrens’ data is next. But think beyond that. We should never put our friends at risk by sharing conversations online that are vulnerable—that means using communications that are stored on third-party clouds. Everything third-party controlled is at risk of being manipulated, hacked or even exploited. 

And finally, doesn’t it make sense to protect our whole community from online abuses? 

Each of us should have the right to:

  • Own and protect our individual personal data.
  • Control how our data is used and shared.
  • Protect conversations with friends, family, and community by keeping them private.
  • Make HealthCare personal, private and affordable.
  • Keep financial transactions private and convenient.

It’s your online life. You should own it. Check out ClearID and learn more.